Jorgensen & Salberg’s client (Reyes) worked as a medical assistant for Laguna Medical Care, Inc, for nearly three years. Dr. Rizwana Mohseni, MD, runs and operates her medical practice under the name “Laguna Medical Care, Inc” ( Even though it was a direct violation of California labor laws, because of understaffing, Reyes claimed she went

Union Adjustment Company purchased an old debt from an auto lender.  The debt was a finance contract entered into between the Jorgensen & Salberg’s client (Delgado) and an auto lender.  The finance company originally extended credit to Delgado for the purchase of a 1992 Honda Accord.  The car was purchased on April 7, 2001 with

Car Crash

Plaintiff was a passenger in a vehicle.  Plaintiff’s vehicle made a left turn in front of another vehicle.  The driver of the other vehicle was inattentive, and collided with the passenger side of plaintiff’s vehicle.  Plaintiff sustained fractures to her right leg as a result of the impact.  Farmers insured the vehicle in which plaintiff

FACTS: JORGENSEN & SALBERG client was at The Slidebar in Fullerton.  Another patron struck our client in the face and fled the scene.  The defendant was apprehended by the police down the street from the bar, and pled guilty to the assault and assaulting the police officers during the arrest.  On March 4, 2013, the

Facts Our client and the defendant were both minors at the time of the accident.  Our client and the defendant were at an underage nightclub.  During the course of the evening, our client and the defendant would periodically go to his car in the parking lot and drink alcohol.  Towards the end of the night,

Underlying Charge & Sentence: Possession and under the influence of methamphetamines. New Charges: Burglary, receiving stolen property, and possession of drug paraphernalia (syringes without a prescription & heroine hype kit). Result: Trial judge disregarded DA’s demands, and referred defendant to drug court in lieu of jail or prison. Adult Drug Court: The four-phase Drug Court

Drinks and pills

Plea Deal: Even though the client had a large amount of opiates in her possession (without a valid prescription), was driving with a BAC of nearly twice the legal limit, and had crashed into another vehicle, the DA agreed that the client would only have to pay a fine, attend AA meetings, attend a first-time

FACTS Joseph Khadige leased a property from Jorgensen & Salberg’s client for the purpose of operating a medical marijuana dispensary across the street from the Main Place Mall in the City of Santa Ana, California. After Khadige was unable to obtain a license from the city to operate the dispensary, Khadige refused to pay the

SUMMARY OF CASE Our client was arrested for drunk driving on December 4, 2012.  On January 18, 2013, our law firm successfully defended our client in a DMV license suspension hearing, based upon the arresting officer’s failure to properly give the statutory warnings during his DUI investigation. STATEMENT OF FACTS According to the arrest report,

By: ADVOCATE author Julie Bolcer New written guidelines from the Obama administration outline the conditions under which binational same-sex couples may be considered to have a “family relationship” for the purposes of immigration officials deciding whether to proceed with deportation actions. The criteria, listed in a memo issued this week by U.S. Immigration & Customs