When you come for your initial consultation, our intake process requires you to bring documents showing income, deduction, and tax information. Any information you provide remains completely confidential. Have the following documents available to reference when you come for your initial consultation, depending on the your situation:

    • Most recent tax return(s)
    • Mortgage statement
    • Most recent paycheck stubs
    • Most recent bank statements
    • Most recent credit card statements
    • Parents’  W2s or 1099s
    • Documents that describe:
    • Disability or unemployment benefits
    • Child care expenses (including school/day care tuition)
    • Health insurance premiums
    • Mandatory retirement contributions
    • Necessary job-related expenses not reimbursed by employer
    • Spousal support paid to other relationships
    • Extraordinary health care expenses
    • Uninsured catastrophic losses
    • Child support paid for children of other relationships