Jorgensen & Salberg attorney Jorge Lopez has received the honor of being asked to present at the 2019 DEMA Show in Orlando, Florida. Mr. Lopez will discuss the legal issues facing recreational divers, with a particular emphasis on those affecting divers in Florida and the Caribbean. He will discuss the standards of care applicable to

A pickup truck driver appeared to have escaped with only cuts and moderate pain after his vehicle was struck by a driver running a red light in La Palma early Tuesday morning. The truck burst into flames upon impact but the driver was able to escape serious injury and exit his vehicle. Police said the

A 59-year-old man was hit by a vehicle crossing Beach Boulevard in Huntington Beach on Friday night.  The victim sustained major trauma and was transported to UCI Medical Center, where he succumbed to his injuries. It is unclear if the pedestrian was in a marked crosswalk at the time of the accident. This area of

ORANGE COUNTY, CA – An arrest warrant has been issued for Verizon employee Jesus Rosales’s after he was charged with one count of felony theft for stealing photos off a customer’s phone. Melanie V, who has been a long-standing Verizon customer, went to the store where Rosales worked at to purchase a new phone. Melanie

UPS Teamster Legal Benefits 101

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With years of experience working with Teamsters, our firm has acquired a wealth of knowledge and tips that many UPS employees find helpful. Teamsters are often surprised to learn how many services their legal benefits actually cover. From Real Estate, to Administrative, to Financial, to Domestic, to Traffic/Criminal, and Civil Law, Teamsters have a variety

rain car accident

Heavy rainstorms in Southern California have spiked a severe increase in freeway car accidents over the weekend. The storm, which forecasters said was the strongest in several years, set rainfall records on Sunday and caused widespread flooding after several hours of sustained, pouring rain. The influx of rain caused hundreds of car accidents, clogging up several Los Angeles and

legal traps for gun owners

1. Firearm Violations In Motor Vehicles: This is probably the number one reason why otherwise law-abiding California gun owners are arrested. First, you must make certain all firearms carried in motor vehicles are unloaded; this means you should personally make certain that the firing chamber, cylinder, fixed magazine or any detachable magazine attached to the

FRANKLIN, Miss. – A UPS driver is being hailed as a hero after helping to save a Missouri woman who’d been beaten and held captive by her husband for over 15 hours. Franklin County Sheriff’s Department Sergeant T.J. Wild told KMOV the driver “made a huge difference” in the case, which unfolded Tuesday after he was called to

UPS strike

Aircraft maintenance workers at United Parcel Service have voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike, a move that could wreak havoc with shipments. Employees of Teamsters Local 2727 announced Monday that they voted to authorize the action after three years of negotiations, during which UPS has continued to demand health care concessions and a major increase in retiree

4 Tips to Reduce Legal Risks on Social Media

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Social Media Legal Risks

With a new millennium, new marketing and communication techniques are continually emerging. Flashy websites, although still necessary, are now taking a backseat to social media marketing outlets like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  Various businesses realize that with limited capital, it’s imperative to select the marketing method that will produce the maximum response. The instant connectivity on social media